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02 Oct 2012

Taking advantage of the moment…

I happened to look out the back window on a bright summer day, and saw my daughter blowing bubbles in the backyard. I quickly grabbed my 70-200mm/f2,8 lens and stealthily snapped this shot. I wanted a fast shutter speed to capture the bubbles, floating in the air, but I also didn’t want my depth of field so shallow that the bubbles were extremely out of focus. In this case 1/640 sec. at f4 (zoomed to 130mm) was the combination I was looking […]

23 Sep 2012

Sometimes cheap is the way to go…

I usually prefer to use my better lenses. But sometimes, when I’m out just kicking around, I take a couple of the cheaper, lighter weight lenses. I shot this photo with a cheapo ($120) Nikon 70-300mm zoom lens. I was never really happy with the clarity of the lens but in this case I enjoy the odd bokeh applied to the leaves in the background. This image was shot on a hot sunny day, hand held, using the full 300mm […]

17 Sep 2012

It’s an Addiction!

For many reasons, it’s been a long time since I just went out and took pictures for the fun of it. This weekend I finally did just that. With my daughter in color guard and my son playing the bass drum in the pep band, I made it to my first high school football game of this season. While I took some nice shots of my kids, I also got a few good shots of the action. Action photography is […]

03 Sep 2012
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