27 Sep 2015

Catalina Island Facebook Cover Picture

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17 Mar 2014
16 Mar 2014
02 Oct 2012

Taking advantage of the moment…

I happened to look out the back window on a bright summer day, and saw my daughter blowing bubbles in the backyard. I quickly grabbed my 70-200mm/f2,8 lens and stealthily snapped this shot. I wanted a fast shutter speed to capture the bubbles, floating in the air, but I also didn’t want my depth of field so shallow that the bubbles were extremely out of focus. In this case 1/640 sec. at f4 (zoomed to 130mm) was the combination I was looking […]

23 Sep 2012

Sometimes cheap is the way to go…

I usually prefer to use my better lenses. But sometimes, when I’m out just kicking around, I take a couple of the cheaper, lighter weight lenses. I shot this photo with a cheapo ($120) Nikon 70-300mm zoom lens. I was never really happy with the clarity of the lens but in this case I enjoy the odd bokeh applied to the leaves in the background. This image was shot on a hot sunny day, hand held, using the full 300mm […]

17 Sep 2012

It’s an Addiction!

For many reasons, it’s been a long time since I just went out and took pictures for the fun of it. This weekend I finally did just that. With my daughter in color guard and my son playing the bass drum in the pep band, I made it to my first high school football game of this season. While I took some nice shots of my kids, I also got a few good shots of the action. Action photography is […]

03 Sep 2012
02 Sep 2012
02 Sep 2012

New Website

After my hosting company got hacked and all of my websites were corrupted, I have finally moved on. My old hosting company had also, finally, shut it’s doors after all these many years (perhaps more about that later). This new site will take care all of my photography and design efforts, replacing four separate sites. It’s been a fun process, starting over from scratch. It is also nice to finally have some time to work on my own project. Take […]

01 Sep 2012